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Takengocoffee originated from the names of Takengon and coffee.
Takengon the name of a village in the area Central Aceh Indonesia. The coffee, Arabica species from the middle district Aceh . Better known as " Gayo Mountain " .
The name " Takengocoffee Company " to carry, we will raise the standard of living and ensure a better future for all the coffee farmers in Aceh, particularly in the area of ​​the district Takengon in Central Aceh and the district Bener Meriah in Bener Meriah.

Our passion is coffee and welfare of coffee farmers, satisfaction of our customers and clients.

We prefer an open and transparent trading system. Instantly buying a Fair Trade Cooperative transparent that the coffee farmers supported and paid according to Fair Trade.
Coffee farmers are people like you and me. They are different, old, young , short, long, thick, thin , male, female, have a family or not. But they all have one thing in common and that is motivated to work hard with only one goal, to produce the very best coffee and profitable to sell. The respect they earn is just as important as achieving a fair good price.
It is our duty to reimburse farmers correctly. You are at the top of the coffee - chain and they deserve respect for hard work. We do not consider the coffee farmers and unknown producers but as friends, and friends you help them.

We work on longer -term vision. Even if the coffee has arrived here and is resold, continues working with farmers in position. Make plans on sustainability, the next harvest etc.

We visit farmers settled in Takengon. Family of us in Indonesia give us a lot of support. Just to be clear, we are not benefactors and have not distributed alms. But to give a better life to poor people is still our goal. This is our way to help.

We hope you have interested about our approach and realize that you can also help by consuming this coffee.

Gayo coffee is not only pure but also a healthy product. It contains less caffeine than acrylamide and many other commercially cultivated species. Because the coffee beans are not all mature at the same time, they are picked by hand; creating a better selection takes place. Constant quality is guaranteed.


To get on the European market, recognizing we are certified by Control Union and SKAL. Our own Fair Trade is the motto of our company.

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